Research programme

Framework programme

Framework programme [PDF] contains the main policy definitions and research contents for the whole research period (2019-2022).


The organisation of the research programme consists of the Steering Group, Support Groups and the head of the programme. The components of the organisation are presented here.


The funding of the research programme is provided by the State Nuclear Waste Management Fund (VYR) into which those responsible for nuclear waste management pay annually 0,08 % of their respective assessed liability. The current level of annual funding is c.a. 1,9 M€. In addition to VYR funding, research organisations may direct own funding into their research projects.

Use of the results

The basic aim of KYT2022 is to produce high quality research results to be used by Finnish nuclear authorities. The results of the research programme are, on the other hand, public and available to all participants. The long-term aim of KYT2022 is to maintain national knowhow in nuclear waste management and to promote collaboration between authorities, nuclear industry, and scientists.