BIKES - Syvän pohjaveden rikkiyhdisteet Limingan alueen savikivimuodostumassa
CloMap - Examining Closure-Related Issues in Finnish Radioactive Waste Programs
CRYCO - Crystal plasticity modeling and characterisation of OFP copper microstructure
DEMONI - Influence of radiation on concrete expansion, dissolution, and leaching behavior
DEMONI - Steel dissolution Research notes 2021
MiBe - Mikrobien vaikutukset bentoniitissa
PORA - Towards high-fidelity fuel pellet fracture modelling in current and new fuel designs
RASK - STED nanoscopy – A novel way to image the pore space of geological materials
RASK - Quantifying the Porosity of Crystalline Rocks by In Situ and Laboratory Injection Methods
SMRWaMa - Waste Management of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Finland
SURFACE - Near-surface final disposal
SURFACE - Complementary Considerations in Assessing performance of a Landfill-Type Near Surface Repository
YLYMU - Kuinka muistaa loppusijoituslaitos 2200-luvulla? Kansainvälistä tutkimusta tiedon säilyttämisestä
Novel methods of scenario analysis for the probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear waste storage and disposal facilities, Doctoral Dissertation of Edoardo Tosoni
- Trust, mistrust and distrust as blind spots of Social Licence to Operate: illustration via three forerunner countries in nuclear waste management