BROCTIO - Bentonite powder water content control by water vapour equilibrium technique for mechanical tests.
BROCTIO - Thermal evolution and thermally induced stress simulation of SNF repository
DEMONI - Research notes 2020 C14_steel dissolution
KARAHDE - Effect of burnable absorber rods and U-235 enrichment on EPR UO2 fuel assembly source term with Serpent 2
KARAHDE - Evaluating the Effect of Decay and Fission Yield Data Uncertainty on BWR Spent Nuclear Fuel Source
KARAHDE - Impact of approximation in operating history data on spent fuel properties with Serpent 2
KARAHDE - Impurity-generated impact on the characteristics of spent nuclear fuel
KARAHDE - Separate effect of decay and fission yield data uncertainty on spent nuclear fuel source term
KARAHDE - The Effect of Calculation Parameters on Spent Nuclear Fuel Source Term
KUKO - Vuosiraportti 2019
MiBe - Mikrobien vaikutukset bentoniitissa 2020
PORA - BISON mesh generation script for analysis of cracked fuel pellets
RASK - Comparison of autoradioraphies for the porosity of altered rocks
SUCCESS - Re-passivation rate of Cu-OFP
SURFACE - Performance of a Landfill-Type Near Surface Repository VTT-R-00016-21
SURFACE - Near Surface Repositories in Finland 2019 vuosiraportti
SYSMET - Nuclear Waste repository as a scenario problem - Developing epistemic understanding
TERKOR - Vuosiraportti 2019