DEMONI - Review: Radionuclide leaching in concrete containment barriers
DEMONI - Review: Influence of radiation on concrete mechanical properties
KÄRÄHDE - Impact of Fuel Type and Discharge Burnup on Spent Fuel Properties - SYP2019
KÄRÄHDE - Impact of Fuel Type and Discharge Burnup on Source Term - NENE2019
KÄRÄHDE - Evaluating the Effect of Decay and Fission Yield Data Uncertainty on Spent Nuclear Fuel Source Term Using Serpent 2 - NENE2019
KÄRÄHDE - Evaluating the effect of decay and fission yield data uncertainty on spent nuclear fuel source term using Serpent 2 – continued study
KÄRÄHDE - Impurities in LWR fuel and structural materials
MiBe tutkimusraportti 2019 - Mikrobien vaikutukset bentoniitissa
OMT – Overall Safety of Nuclear Waste Disposal
RASK - Mineralogical and microstructural evolution of Portland cement paste/argillite interfaces at 70 °C – Considerations for diffusion and porosity properties
RASK - Electronic autoradiography of 133Ba particle emissions; diffusion profiles in granitic rocks
RASK - Sorption of selenium species onto phlogopite and calcite surfaces: DFT studies
SURFACE - Near Surface Repositories in Finland