Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management (KYT2022) 2019-2022

The Finnish research programme on nuclear waste management is based on the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987) according to which the aim of research is "ensuring that the authorities have such sufficient and comprehensive nuclear engineering expertise and other facilities at their disposal that are needed for comparisons of the various ways and methods of carrying out nuclear waste management”.

The research emphasis on the research programme is on nationally central research topics.

The long-term aim of KYT2022 is, for its part, to maintain and advance national knowhow and infrastructure in nuclear waste management and to promote collaboration between authorities, nuclear industry, and scientists.


International evaluation report of VYR-funded research programmes is now available and offers recommendations for future work in the research programmes.

SAFER2028 Framework Plan Seminar on 9.6.2022 at 9-16.

SAFER2028 website

Near field workshop on Friday 13.5.2022 was arranged by BROCTIO project.
Presentations here.

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KARIKKO seminar
21.9.2022 at 9-15, Vuorimiehentie 5, Espoo

Nuclear Science and Technology Symposium 2022 (SYP2022)
on 1-2 November 2022

Microbes and barrier material performance - Webinar 2022
The webinar was held 23 March 2022. Presentations here...

Interim seminar on 18.-19.3.2021
The interim seminar of KYT2022 was held jointly with the SAFIR2022 programme on 18.-19.3.2021 as a webinar. Seminar presentations available on SAFIR2022 website

Seminar programme

Project abstracts

KYT2022 framework programme is available:
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KYT2018 Final report is on website