The KYT Closure Workshop on repository closure related topics

The workshop was held as a webinar on 23.6.2021.



 Welcome & Introduction (Tim Schatz, VTT)

 Regulatory Views on Radioactive Waste Repository Closure (Kai Hämäläinen, STUK)

 Closing LILW Repositories in Finland (Jussi-Matti Mäki, Fortum)

 Closing the HLW Repository in Finland (Johanna Hansen, Posiva)

 Repository Monitoring Strategies: Outcomes from MODERN 2020 (Johan Bertrand, ANDRA)

 Lessons and Innovations from Oil and Gas Well Sealing (Christian Rosnes, Interwell P&A)

 Current Trends in Mine Closure Management (Tommi Kauppila, GTK)

 Key takeaways